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Logo Navarro Group
Logo Navarro Group
Navarro Group bases its industrial activity on two pillars: generation of electricity, where it stands as a relevant producer with a set of 20 hydroelectric production plants scattered throughout the Spanish geography; and electrochemical sector, where it leads manufacturing and distribution of silicon carbide in southern Europe.

The relationship of both business lines has been close over the time: during many years much of the electricity generated in our plants was consumed in Navarro Group silicon carbide factories.

Navarro Group is also active in other sectors such as real estate, agriculture or livestock.

Navarro SiC

Silicon carbide production started in Spain in the 50s of last century, in a small processing plant located in Puente de Vadillos (Cuenca) with a license from the American company Carborundum Co; nowadays, Navarro SiC continues to operate this plant and another located in Mansilla de las Mulas (León), with a combined production capacity of 20,000 tons per year.

Production plant in Vadillos, Cuenca
Production plant in Mansilla, León

For over six decades Navarro SIC has produced silicon carbide grits for abrasive and refractory industries. It stepped forward in 1998 inaugurating the most modern and advanced microgrits plant in Europe with a capacity of 650 tons per year and a combined wet and air separation facility. In 2002 the microgrits plant was expanded again to a capacity of 1,000 tons per year.

Our mission

The expierience of more than 60 years in the manufacture of silicon carbide have allowed Navarro SiC to develop a comprehensive management system where quality of products and attention to customers are priorities.

Our team of professionals works to provide solutions tailored to the needs of industry, collaborating with various institutions for the development of new techniques and applications of silicon carbide.

With the objective of a continuous improvement, we work with the highest quality standards to increase satisfaction, loyalty and trust of our national and international customers.

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