Products tailored for any application

Navarro SiC supplies silicon carbide products for any market application since more than 60 years. Our product portfolio ranges from high-quality metallurgical grains to the finest microgrits for abrasive applications, passing through high SiC content products for refractory industry.

State-of-the art process technology and the capability to develop tailor made products to fit customer needs make Navarro SiC an irreplaceable partner in the industry, especially for new high-tech applications.



Thanks to purity over 99% SiC, extraordinary hardness, particle shape and a carefully elaborated particle size distribution, green and black silicon carbide produced by Navarro SiC is an exceptional material for any abrasive application.

Navarro SiC can virtually supply any standard specification present in the market (FEPA, ANSI, JIS) as well as solutions tailored to the needs of each customer for their specific applications.



Due to its great resistance to thermal stress, low dilatation coeffcient and high resistance to abrasion and chemical attack, silicon carbide produced by Navarro SiC is an unavoidable component in refractories and ceramic industry.

Supply capacity, proximity to the market and a superb customer service make Navarro SiC a reference partner for the European refractory industry.



Added along the melting process in cast iron and steel, silicon carbide produced by Navarro SiC brings an significant cost saving due to its properties in the reduction of slag, its exotermic energy supply and its improvement in the characteristics of metal finally obtained.

To be used eirher directly in the furnace or through briquettes, Navarro SIC supplies diferent grades and presentations of silicon carbide, to fit customer needs.

Special Applications

Special Applications

New technologies (like electronic or aeronautic industries, or high temperature applications) requiere new products and processes where silicon carbide produced by Navarro SiC fits perfectly due to its high purity and special properties.

Our product development policy and our process technology make possible a quick adaptation to new requirements, and to supply silicon carbide solutions adapted to the new high technology applications.

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